Promote Events Using Google Ad Grants

If your nonprofit organization is looking to increase its website traffic and promote events to more individuals then look no further. idGrants offers a unique solution to help nonprofits increase their website traffic through its Ad Grants for Nonprofits Program.

When a non-profit is looking to increase their event attendance, we can help them locate event goers in a more effective manner. Using Google Ad Grants and a customized AdWords campaign, idGrants can create a campaign designed to meet your organization’s goals and objectives.

Every AdWords campaign we develop is designed to increase website traffic. Ads are created with specific calls to action to promote your event, such as: “Register Today”, “Don’t Miss Our Event”, and “Join Us!”

All AdWords campaigns are designed with specialized landing pages that are tailored for your non-profit organization with an overall look and feel that is desired and created to produce results. We include these specialized landing pages as part of idGrants’s Ad Grants for Nonprofits Program.

Leveraging Google’s Ad Grants $10,000 per month worth of advertising credits, idGrants can design an online event promotion campaign to achieve results and increase website traffic for your organization.

View a copy of an event promotion landing page below:

promote events

For more information about idGrants’s Ad Grants for Non-Profits Program, call us at (888) 297-4694 ext. 1 to promote events for your nonprofit today.